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Open the ThinPic app and select a photo or album of photos stored on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device, ThinPic will create a new album and then reduce the photo file size up to 70% of its original size.

Once the photo is saved it will retain its image quality and resolution.

You can store up to 3 times as many high resolution photos on their device or cloud storage services. Also, save on data transfer rates by reducing the file size of your photos prior to sharing them with friends and family through email and social media.
Rumors about the iPhone 6 have been circling the web and although Apple rarely opens its collective mouth about its unreleased products until a media event in early September, we’ve collected some exciting news about the tech giant’s new release. All of the information we’ve found on the new device sounds great, but there is […]
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Store 3X the Hi-Res Photos

With the ThinPic app, you can fit 2 - 3 times as many high-resolution photos on your iOS or Android device.

ThinPic also lets you:
images up to 70% with no loss in visual quality.
high resolution photos up to 3 times faster.
on your monthly data charges and battery usage.
iOS 6 Panorama Mode and "Actual Size" Sharing

When ThinPic says "Actual Size", it means it... and your pic takes up less space, too.
- Steve Wilson, Photographer
ThinPic has the ability to reduce file sizes of photos on iOS devices, without sacrificing resolution. The panorama available in iOS 6 mode captures a 10800x2380 image, 17 MB on the phone. When a user shares one of these photos via the iPhone email app, they can choose the "actual size" setting (along with large, medium or small) to reduce the image for faster transmission. The "actual size" setting actually scales the image back to 8640 x 1904 to get a file size of around 5.5MB. ThinPic can reduce the same image to 4.4MB, while maintaining the same resolution of 10800 x 2380.

Panoramic picture captured on device using iOS 6
Original Panorama
Here is file info for the original photo:

File Size: 17.3 MB

Photo Dimensions:
10800 x 2408

File info from the original panoramic picture
iPhone "Actual Size"
File info after emailing from iPhone using the "Actual Size" setting (you can see, it isn't)

File Size: 5.9 MB

Photo Dimensions:
8640 x 1926
File info from the photo using iOS "Actual Size"
ThinPic Actual Size
File info after saving space with ThinPic... it really is the actual size!

File Size: 4.8 MB

Photo Dimensions:
10800 x 2408
File info from the photo using ThinPic actual size
We are able to provide high resolution images at up to 60 - 70% of the size of the original, with very little visible loss. The closest thing that iPhone has built in in the ability to reduce an image when you are emailing. The email app gives you several (small, medium, large and original) size options and reduces the image to save on data and transmit faster. However, to accomplish the smaller sized photo, iPhone is actually scaling the image to half of the size. ThinPIC can keep the original dimensions AND (in most cases) create a smaller image than iPhone's "large" email image.
Original Picture
Original photo, straight off of an iPhone 4S. Zoomed in on the white cookie.

File Size: 3MB

Photo Dimensions:

File info from the original panoramic picture
Shrunk Using ThinPic
The photo’s file size has been reduced using ThinPic. It is hard to tell the difference, but the file size is much smaller.

File Size: 706KB

Photo Dimensions:

File info from the photo using iOS "Actual Size"
Shrunk Using iPhone
The photo’s file size has been reduced using iPhone's email app. Saved to "Large" size. Photo dimensions have been reduced but file size is still bigger than using ThinPIC.

File Size: 887KB

Photo Dimensions:
File info from the photo using ThinPic actual size